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E-VTOL Fixed-Wing Mapping Drone

A future-proof, durable, reliable and easy to use mapping solution

INSEE 250 UAV specializes in high-efficiency, long-endurance VTOL drones specially designed for diverse applications such as inspection, rescue, surveillance and etc. Our latest model, the INSEE 250, features an aerodynamic design with an Y-Shape tail for reduced maintenance and weight, allowing for faster and more efficient flight. With customizable payload options and robust construction, INSEE UAVs deliver reliable performance in demanding environments.


Expand your business opportunities with INSEE-250

Ease & Safe of operation INSEE 250 is very easy to operate. Everyone even inexperienced one can fly INSEE 250 with minimal training. Due to INSEE 250 equipped with many advanced safety and features for safe operation including flight control unit component redundancy, advanced flight status and important information display, autonomous flight, smart RTH, smart battery monitoring, etc.

Cost Efficiency INSEE 250 is built for lightweight materials resulting in longer flight time and carry more payload than any other VTOL drones in its class. Customer can gain more outcome than others. This reduce cost of operation. Moreover, INSEE 250 has less components in order to build one. So, cost of repair and maintenance are also reduced. All of these enhance cost efficiency of operation

Support INSEE 250 is built in-house with experienced technician and engineering teams. We can answer the questions, solve the problems, repair the damages, update the software and doing the maintenance all by our team without waiting for any outsources. Our customer service and technical support teams are also standing to answer 24 hrs. a day / 7 days a week.



Flight Time


Celling Height


Maximum Speed



INSEE-250 Electric VTOL UAV is a game-changer in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles. With a 2.5hrs flight time (with 1kg payload) and a 2500mm wingspan, it's perfect for long-range surveillance, aerial mapping, and search and rescue missions. This drone's advanced technology and capabilities make it the ultimate tool for professional drone operators. Order now to experience the future of UAVs!

INSEE 250 Unique Features


Stall Protection

All Fix-Wing airplanes have their own minimum speed in order to keep them in the air.  Airplane fly slowly sometime below minimum speed will not be able to maintain desired altitude because there is no enough air beneath wings to hold the airplane in certain altitude which they called "Stall."  I case of stall, we need to speed up to reach the required minimum speed of particular airplane.  To do so, we need time and some losing altitude to regain the required speed & altitude.  That means, airplane has to fly high above ground.

With Stall Protection of INSEE 250, we can keep our desired altitude no matter how fast the airplane fly.  Here is how it works.  Pitot tube in front of INSEE will measure the air speed. In case INSEE 250 stall, beside of speed up tail motor, all four motors will start to keep airplane in the air until airplane reach the required minimum speed.  All of this protection starts automatically without and pilot attention.


Laser Range Finder

In UAV, we usually use barometer to measure the altitude of the airplane.  As we know, when time go by and barometer heat up will affect barometer altitude measurement result it inaccurate height between airplane and ground.  That is not going to happen with INSEE 250 because it equipped with Laser Range Finder installed beneath the fuselage.  This Laser Range Finder can accurately measure distance up to 190 m.  INSEE 250 uses Laser Range Finder to height between airplane and ground during take off and landing for spectacular smoothness.  In addition, Laser Range Finder can also be used for terrain follow flight that not exceed 190 m.

Dual RTK Receivers

INSEE 250 come with Dual RTK Receivers on top of fuselage due to 2 purpose.  Firstly, to receive the GNSS signal by synchronize data from 2 sources for ultimate airplane positioning.  Secondly, INSEE 250 uses Dual RTK Receivers to detect the direction of the airplane instead of digital compass.  As we all know, digital compass sensitive to electromagnetic field.  We need to calibrate digital compass frequently.  In INSEE 250, this problem will be eliminated.


Transponder Receiver

INSEE 250 comes with Transponder Receiver to show all nearby real airplane to pilot for safety purposes.  Pilot can clearly see date of nearby airplane such as, position, altitude, direction, etc.  Detecting range of Transponder Receiver up to 200 km. depending in Transponder signal strength and weather condition.

Redundant System

All system in INSEE 250 is redundant for safety purposes.  For instance, INSEE 250 has dual RTK receivers, dual radio antenna, dual control units, dual batteries, triple IMU. and much more.  These components will synchronize data together for accurate and smooth flight.  In case of some component failure, others can replace and keep INSEE 250 in a good shape for safe flight. 

Ground Station
IMG_1828 2.JPG

Ground Station

Ground Control Station, Insee Model GCS-01, is specially designed for Insee UAV. There are many features that makes this ground station unique.


Insee Model GCS-01

There are many features that makes this ground station unique. First one is sizing.  Insee-GCS-01 is a compact size portable ground station.  Next, it comes with IP55 ingress protection standard suitable for all kind of weather.  Another outstanding feature is battery, Insee Model GCS-01 comes with extra-large battery.  As the result, it can be operated for at least 10 hrs. (Continue using, not stand by) great for long day of work.  Moreover, Insee Model GCS-01 has plenty of room inside, so more battery can be installed as needed for extremely long mission.  Last outstanding feature is, Insee Model GCS-01 can be modified in many different ways as Insee 250 to fit the customer requirements.  The standard specification as follow:

Use Cases - INSEE 250 with YellowScan Mapper+

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